I’m Diane of Diane Ringel Designs and I am so excited you are here perusing my enamel jewelry components, bead supplies and jewelry.

I have spent many years designing jewelry, but a couple of years ago discovered copper enameling, and fell in love with it. I dove deep into experimenting with it and found there are endless opportunities for color combinations and have been hooked ever since.

Copper enameling is the process of adding powdered glass on copper and heating the layers until molten. I start with 24 gauge copper sheet and cut the shapes and punch the holes. The pieces are then tumbled in steel shot to take off any sharp edges. I add up to seven layers of different colors of glass, torch firing to get the organic, colorful combinations that you see. Most components are covered in clear glass on the backside, so that you can see the copper. All my enamels are torch fired.

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